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 Party Package Setup Instructions

Step 1. Make sure you have all the items included in the package.

Your rented sound system package should contain:

  • 2 Mackie SRM350 Powered Speakers
  • 2 Heavy Duty Stands
  • Yamaha Mixer
  • 1 Microphone
  • XLR Cable for Microphone
  • iPod/ Laptop/ MP3 Player Cable
  • 2 Speaker power cords
  • 1 Mixer Power Cord
  • 2 Speaker Audio Cables

Step 2. Set up speakers and stands.

Unscrew the lower knob and then unfold the legs and place the stands where you want the speakers.

Tighten the knob and raise the stand to the desired height, then put the pin through the corresponding hole.

Place the speakers on top of the stands so that the pole slips into the hole,

Step 3. Wire it up.

Plug in the ends of both speaker to mixer cables as seen in the picture below:

Plug the other end of both cables into the speakers, left to the left speaker, right to the right speaker.

Plug two larger ends the iPod/ MP3/ Laptop cable into the input 7/8. (White= left, Red=right) Then plug the other end into your music player headphone jack.

Plug the microphone cable into input number 1 on the mixer, and the other end into the microphone.

Plug the power brick into the back of the mixer and connect it to an outlet. Use an extension cord if needed. Turn the mixer on if necessary.

Here are the important controls on the mixing board:

Now finally plug the power cords into the speakers and turn the power switches to ON. Make sure the volume is at half.

Step 4. Ready to Go

You are all finished. Play a song on your iPod or music player and make sure the volume on your device is up. Test the microphone. If it doesn't work, make sure the switch on the mic is set to ON and the GAIN adjustment for channel 1 is at full. Start out with the mic and music volume controls down and slowly raise them.