Projector Package + Screen

Setup Instructions


Screen Setup

  1. Unpack all materials from the road case

  2. Choose a location for the screen

  3. Press the locking clip and slide the tripod stand out of the screen

  4. Unscrew the knob on the tripod, then pull each leg out about ½”

  5. Press down on the middle leg connector while holding the tripod at the top to fold out legs

  6. Tighten the knob

  7. Place the screen on top of the tripod by sliding it over the shaft

  8. From behind the screen, press the two black buttons and pull outwards until you hear a “click” sound

  9. For the 4:3 setting, stop at the first click, for the 16:9 setting, stop at the second click


Projector Setup

  1. Place the projector on a level table in front of the screen

  2. Plug in the POWER CORD to the back of the projector, and then to an available wall socket

  3. If using a LAPTOP or COMPUTER, connect the VGA CABLE to the back of the projector, and the other end to your computer. If using a DVD PLAYER or other video device, connect the COMPOSITE CABLE to the projector, and to the video output on your device
  1. Press the power button on the projector, and wait about 30 seconds for the lamp to turn on

  2. Use the focus ring above the lens to focus the image

  3. Press the button on the front of the projector, near the base, to adjust the height of the image. Let go of the button at the desired height.

  4. If the image is un-level, twist the adjustable back leg to lower or raise one side

  5. If required move either the screen or the projector to size the image to fit the screen


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