A fun addition to any event. Popular for kids birthday parties. Rockband is a 4 player game where players can play an instrument controller and rock out to a variety of popular music. Players are scored on their ability to strum, drum, or sing along to the music. Includes everything you need to hook the game in to you home TV set.


- 50" LCD TV with stand

- "Portable PA Package" sound system.

- 1 Rockband Drum set controller.

- 2 Rockband Guitar / Bass controllers.

- 1 Rockband Microphone controller

- Playstation system with games: Rockband, Rockband 2, Rockband 3, The Beattles Rockband, Greenday Rockband, and Lego Rockband.

- All cables and accessories required to set up system.

$199.00 / Day